Welcome to the What I Wish I'd Known Wiki--Advice to new college students from Upperclassmen at California State University Bakersfield. Why We Are Writing This. We are Upperclassmen at California State University Bakersfield. We have faced the very problems, challenges and rewards you are likely to face here at CSUB. What follows is our accounts of issues we decided were important to share with you and what some solutions to the issues might be. ==Majors== ==Motivation== ==Time Management== Time

Being OverwhelmedEdit

Nancy Salcedo Family Support

   Students face many challenges while attending college. There are many resources they need in order to complete their goal successfully. One very important source is the family support. Family support lightens their workload, helps through hard times, and encourages the students to achieve their goal.

Family support is very important when you go to go college. Many students decide to move out of their parents house; however, they don’t realize that while living at home, their work load can be much lighter. First, students don’t have to worry about paying bills. Also, house shores can be shared. Students while going to college, have very little time to socialize with family. When family lives with the student, his emotional state is better since he doesn’t miss his family as much.

Family is also there when you are struggling with money. Family can help student co-sign a loan. When student runs out low on money, parents can loan the student money while he gets pay. Family can also let the student borrow a car, if his car fails. Good family support will help through student’s college years. There would be almost impossible for a student to make it without it.

Family can give you support in those days that you feel like quitting. Their love is unconditional. They will always be there regardless of students mistakes. The students’ problems and responsibilities get lighter when they are shared with loved one. Family can encourage the student to continue, praising and being there.

Single parents face pressures academically, financially, and from their parents responsibilities. Many single parents struggle supporting themselves as well as their children. Family members are a very important source for the student to attend and continue college. Siblings and parents can alleviate babysitting needs for single mom students. Family can also provide a home for the single mom and her child.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, among other family members play an important role in students success. Although, there are institutions that will help the student financially. The emotional support students need, no institution can provide it.

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