How to avoid being Overwhelming

By: Santiago

Being stressed and overwhelmed isn’t a student’s first choice in mind when it comes towards college life. We hear all the time in high school about how great the college life will be. We often hear how colleges has a lot of links to freedom, clubs that help you become socially active, sororities of fraternities that give you the party life, and the common saying partying at the time. What most incoming students who attend college don’t take in consideration that college life is not stress free. There are a lot of curves that will hit a student and put them under a lot of stress and make them feel overwhelmed. For incoming students, it is only the beginning of their college life and their real life experience of being overwhelmed.

There is a big difference when it comes towards high school education and college education. In high school, students are not really under a lot of pressure as they would be in college. Students are active in sports, classes, friends, and even clubs. It’s like their first step in trying to manage their life schedules. I would have to say that I can relate to this topic. During my high school years, my mom was going through a divorce so we moved a lot. I was very active in soccer, cheer leading, the Apline club, and still had to try to find ways to manage all my honors classes that I was in. I think for me during high school, I was able to mange my schedule because I wasn’t working. Once I went into college at CSUB, it was a whole different ball park. Classes become harder for us, striker, and aren’t as lenient as the classes in high school were. The teachers are all on different standards that we have to go based on. On a different note, we even have students who are married or have children. That puts more on top of a person who is still trying to attend college, work, and be a parent all at the same time. It’s just too much pressure and stress for one person to do on their own. Some students take it and somehow work with it while some students just don’t want to be under too much pressure and just drop out of college.

           It isn’t easy for anyone to try to avoid being overwhelmed.  Many people don’t even know that they are under stress and are showing signs of being overwhelmed.  Some people may ignore those signs and hesitate to try to find steps to avoid being overwhelmed. In reality, we all need to find ways to avoid being overwhelmed.  Learning how to manage stress, finding ways to be relief stress, and just relaxing are only a few simple steps that can prevent anyone from becoming overwhelmed.  Life may be full of hassles and frustrations, but we are the ones who have complete control over our stress and can understand our own symptoms.  We just have to try to find some sort of strength and courage to just take that challenge of control in life.

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