Why you go to Summer School...More (by Rashad Murray)Edit

When it comes to taking summer school many students have preconceived high school based notion that summer school is for taking classes you’ve failed or drop out of during the regular school year; however, summer school can also be used to lighten your Fall through Spring quarter work load. Lets say you want to get a job during the Fall quarter, but don’t think you’ll be able to handle a 20 unit (4 class) load and hold a part time job at same time. Rearranging and pushing off classes till next semester is not always an option, especially if the class you want to push back is not going to be offered next semester. A solution to this problem is take that class during the summer. You don’t have to take a full load of classes during summer; just taking one or two classes can lighten up the regular school year work load.

Unfortunately the class you will want to take will not always be offered by your college during the summer. You always have the option of taking classes at a local community college such as Bakersfield College. It’s usually free to enroll at community colleges, and their classes are much more inexpensive than the classes offered at CSUs, UCs and private colleges. You’re not just constrained to local colleges, many colleges across the state offer online courses. Before enrolling in a class at a different college it’s important that you check that the class transfers over. You can do this by talking to your counselor and checking your department’s website to see if it has a list of classes the transfer over. Another great tool is which allows to compare classes from every college in California and see which class counts as transfer credit (however, it’s still strongly advised to talk to a counselor even after checking on your own).

Financially it would be wiser to take summer classes at a community college. Just taking one class at CSUB during summer will cost over $1000, plus with the rumor of the 33% increase on student tuition the price of classes will be going up in the near future. If you’re planing on getting a job, another job or working more hours during the summer then you should try enrolling in online classes. With online classes you don’t have to worry about scheduling issues or commuting to the school. If you do plan on taking online classes, it’s important that you only take online classes that are offered by your own college, extended education programs offered by UCs or community colleges. Avoid taking classes from for-profit schools such as Phoenix University and Everest, they charge a hefty fee and their classes will not likely transfer.

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