Making the Most of Student Life: Join a Club, Be Involve, Gain Necessary Life Skills, etc. (Daryl Dean B. Santos)

   As a CSUB college student I have came to the conclusion that other student whine, complain, and desire a better experience and student life on campus. The solution to this issue simple! Join a club(s) like the Salsa Dance Club (where you can broden your cultural, dancing, artistic horizon, and grweat way to meet new people), student organizations like Student In Free Enterprise (a.k.a S.F.I.E. which is a great business related organization to build confidence, skills, and networking opportunities in the business world) or a Fraternity/Sorority on campus that are local and on the national level, and even student government/body like Associated Student, Inc.(ASI) or Student Union (SU) who put on school events  around and off campus. Being involve in anything on campus will help you have that fun college experience that you are hoping for when you first come in as a freshman. I highly suggest that you do everything that interests you  to make your life on campus exciting, fun, and have something to look forward to instead of just homework, projects, meetings, and work.
   The benefits of joining a club(s), student organization(s), and/or student government(s) are so rewarding that you would not regret because of the life experiences that you gain, the life lessons you learn, the people you meet, and the marketable skills that you attain that you can transfer over to working world which can help you get a job. Being active in any aspects of student life will give you the opportunity to gain experience on how to work on a team  as a  leader, follower, and facilitator. At the same time you will learn what your strengths and weaknesses are in your group and can learn how to further manage them so it won’t hold you back later in the future because you have acknowledged your area(s) that may need improvement and then can work on finding a way to fix it!

   There are endless possiblities on what you can gain and learn from joining a club(s), student organization(s), and/or student government(s). They are doing their part to recruit new members by advertising their meeting times on certain buildings around campus as well as word of mouth. It is just up to you to put yourself out there to make you're student life experience well worth it. I learned from experience that I have to go out of my comfort zone in order for something greater to happen in the future. That is one of life's blessing is the unknown and that we dont have to look at it in fear, but as something new and exciting to come your way for a better life learning experience.

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