When dealing with stress, you will learn that you are no longer in high school anymore. Most of your time will be spent doing literally tons and tons of work. Another bit of stress will come from your professors. They are different than a high school teacher. Many of them act like you have no life as they just totally overload you with assignments, exams, reports, projects, etc. I have struggled with stress as it has taken me a long in handling the situation. You must stay positive and not procrastinate. Even though you will have many deadlines all at once, you have to take it day by day. Always remember to smile and laugh as I have found out that this has worked for me. You have to live everyday like it is your last. I have seen that stressful times bring out the most in your character as you eventually develop perseverance. For more information on how to handle stress, click here.

   I know first-hand that when you are stressed out, it feels like your entire world is crashing down. It is important to surround yourself with people who make you forget about the stress. It is so important as the workload will not go away, but you will be able to find the good in tough situations. Do not be afraid to talk out these problems with friends as they may have some great advice for you.  Also, you will automatically adjust to the workload the longer you are in college.  A ten page paper that may have been frightening in your first year in college will feel like nothing as you advance through college. Make sure that you stay organized, so that assignments do not surprise you out of nowhere. Buy a planner as this will be a life-saver when dealing with the stresses of college. The stress of college will prepare you for the situations that will come later on in your life. Surround yourself with activities that make you feel comfortable. By taking these appropriate steps, you will handle stress. Written by Alex Sullivan

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