As an incoming freshman, you will have many professors to choose from for any specific class. If the class you are taking is considered a “general education class,” you will usually have many sections for that particular class. Do the research and investigate what the professor’s expectations are. Surf the web and use websites like or use the university faculty web directory and check if that professor has their own website. Also, ask around. Ask the upperclassmen via or any other networking media for their opinion on a professor. However, if the class is a major class, you will probably only have one professor teaching the course. Thus making it crucial for you to investigate the professor’s teaching style; if your stuck with only one choice, you want to know what to expect and how to be successful in that class.

Once you have access to their websites you will be able to surf through their syllabus and know what is expected for the term. You will know how many papers to write and how many midterms/exams you will have. Having that knowledge will encourage you or not to take that class with that particular professor. In my own experience, I was lucky to have had such incredible Biology professors. Sure the curriculum was difficult, but the professors were caring and motivating. They expected the best from their students, and as students we were able to give them 100% because they thought us how to. Therefore, once you inform yourself, you will know what to expect and be better prepared for college. Other smaller, less popular websites to research your professors include:, (but you have to sign in for this one),, But don’t forget the easiest way to find out the professors teaching style and expectations is to go to their office hours and ask them.

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