Preparation is always the key to success when it comes to education. Incoming freshman need to prepare themselves for the road ahead of them. This preparation should begin in their last year of high school. During this time, they should be focusing on what career path they want, where they are going to college and what the requirements are for attending that college.Then, gather all the materials needed for their classes. This includes the required books for their classes, binders,paper, notebooks, pens, pencils and any other materials need. Getting informed about the different careers that the college offers you and informing yourself of the requirements is a good way to prepare yourself. Some of these helpful hints are given here. Other preparation that freshman should look at is where they will be living at, whether they will live in the dorms or somewhere else. They should also see how they will be getting themselves to school and whether they will get financial aid or if they will be paying for their college expenses. Go to this website to get information on financial aid and to see if you qualify for it. Freshman should also prepare themselves for success by doing their homework, participating in class, studying for each exam especially midterms and finals, and completing reports and papers that are due in class. Preparation is always helpful because it gets you organized and ready for what awaits in college. Without preparation incoming freshman will be unorganized and this can cause them to do bad in classes. Lack of preparation causes them to do poorly in exams, papers, projects and class participation. Some preparation is always better than no preparation. Incoming freshman should go here to look at a preparation calender for their first year in college. Incoming freshman should get informed and get prepared for what to expect when entering college.

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