As an incoming freshman, many students believe that waiting for the last minute to complete their homework will help them prepare for the exams. However, successful college students, will continually work on their homework as the chapters are discussed in class lectures. Managing time in college can be very stressful. Homework is design to help students understand the concepts discussed in class. comprehending the material is very challenging in many cases, especially in upper division courses. Most students are not aware of the services provided for them until it is too late. College now-a-days, is not as challenging as before. Today, there are counselors available for students. These counselors emphasize in helping students over-come tough situations, including: time management, organization, and personal problems students might be experiencing. Homework is one of the most important responsibilities that a student has, and is one of the easiest ways that a student can learn. In contrast, students who spend at least 2 hours going over their notes, usually will understand the concepts explained and score higher than the average student in their class. The learning process takes much time, and  cannot be rushed. 
   When students do not spend time in their homework, they usually do not finish the quarter in good academic standing. In addition, a quarter there are only ten weeks, and some students do not know how fast these ten weeks can go by. Some students may think that they have time to work on homework when they do not notice the short quarter. Any available time that a student has before the exam, they must take advantage and study their notes.

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